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Kombucha: Drink to your Health

Kombucha: Drink to your Health

Kombucha is a fermented, tea that has been known for its many health benefits. It’s now more popular than ever. CultureWaves has been watching the trend for many years. 

Drew Williams, guest columnist and co-founder BOOCHFEST (the International Kombucha Featival) in Canada, discusses the benefits and intrigue of this fermented nutraceutical. Healthline also has 8 health benefits based on scientific evidence for Kombucha.

Drew has also shared 6 cocktail and mocktail recipe ideas featuring Kombucha. —Editor

It’s Not Just For Yogis Any More

Kombucha is now available in mainstream stores. Kombucha can be found in supermarkets and large chains. Starbucks And in an increasing number of restaurants. This bubbly drink is a major competitor to the big soda companies.

Kombucha contains Vitamins and minerals essential to our functioning body. This product also contains probiotics that help digestion and gut health.

Photo by Loverna Travel on Unsplash.

As a functional beverage kombucha has numerous benefits! Functional beverages are drinks that have added benefits for the drinker.

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