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9 30 2020 Wellness is an Inside Habit Conscious Self Healthcare Conversation Radio Show w Rev. Karen

9 30 2020 Wellness is an Inside Habit Conscious Self Healthcare Conversation Radio Show w Rev. Karen

May you breathe without restriction. Take the Mask Off it is making your cells work harder to sustain a purified body environment. We are the Masters of our Fate and Faith. We are the Captains and Creators of Our Life and Journey. The moment You change your Perception and Your actions is the second that you change your chemistry and realign with Your Human Body Field. We are I AM a bioenergetic being bound to create Cellular Malfunctions in the Human Body. However, I AM NOT A VICTIM TO MY HUMAN BODY FUNCTIONS OR TO THE AIR/OXYGEN I BREATHE IN!!!!!!! Schedule yourself for a Human Body Field Scan $150 include the scan device and access to the NES Health portal to read your scan share it with your health professional and become Your “Own Wellness Doctor.” Self-Love, Self-Care, Self-Respect, Self-Knowledge, Self-Worth all wrapped in Self-Assurance making Conscious Self-Healthcare M.O.V.E.S. Come Dance and take deep breaths with me. Anytime from Anywhere in the World You can have your scan in the comfort of your home. And Yes! you can scan your pets also. Lets connect 202-248-7749 or email

Healing is literally what our bodies are designed to do, from 1 day old to 100 years old.

COVIDMASK-ology! Truth Speaking – The mask is making your body sicker then you think…COVIDMASKology – The study of self inflected stagnation in the production of cell life and activity. Creating an internal environment of a pond of water that blocks energy flow and cellular inner communication. Stopping or blocking the release of carbon dioxide from the body into the air causing the re-absorption of toxicity. This process of COVIDMaskology is blocking the common intake of pure oxygen from nature and the natural means of self-surviving as a human being. The goal is to contain the germ or virus not thinking about the damage done to the human by blocking the proper exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Breathing is the natural mechanic of human life and should not be stagnated by the wearing of a mask for daily living. ~Karen Khadijah Davis-Foulks
Emancipate Yourself From Medical Mental Slavery Day is Cellabrated every April 30th and April is Conscious Self-Healthcare and Lymphatic Cellular Wellness Month 10th Cellabration 2020