Selecting a Home

A long-term care home could be the right option for you if living independently is no longer possible. Once you have made this important decision and confirmed your eligibility, it is now time to find the home best suited to meet your needs.   
Your care coordinator has extensive experience guiding people through this process, providing reliable information and advice so they feel confident in selecting the right home. Each long-term care home has its own features, amenities and characteristics. You or someone you trust should visit the long-term care homes you are considering before you decide to apply. You can apply to as many as five homes.     

Questions to consider when researching homes:  

  1. Do residents look content and well cared for?  
  1. Are staff friendly and warm with a tone of dignity and respect towards residents?  
  1. Is the home accredited? 
  1. Is the home able to meet religious, cultural, language and dietary needs? 
  1. Does the home support a Family Council? 
  1. What is the home’s visitor’s policy? Is it convenient for my family and friends to visit with flexible visiting hours, and are there any visitor requirements and/or restrictions for COVID-19 vaccinations?  
  1. Do the home’s activities sound interesting and appealing?  
  1. What routines are typical or expected of the resident eg. dining, bathing etc 
  1. Can my family doctor continue providing care for me?  
  1. What special needs can the home accommodate (e.g. oxygen, scooters, electric wheelchairs)?  
  1. What are the policies around smoking and alcoholic beverages?   
  1. Can you bring your own furnishings and/or somewhere to keep personal belongings secure (e.g. lockable drawers)? 
  1. Can residents bring in their own food?  
  1. Can you arrange to sample a meal or participate in an activity at the home? 
  1. How is billing arranged? 
  1. What are the extra charges, if any, for personal needs and services? 

Long-Term Care Home Finder 

The Long-Term Care Home Finder makes it easy to find and compare long-term care homes to make an informed choice. It includes a profile page for every long-term care home in Ontario and information about how to choose a home, how to apply, waiting lists, staff vaccination rates, amenities, inspection reports, contact information and more.  

After you have done your research or if you have any further questions, speak with your care coordinator or call us at 310-2222 (no area code required), to apply for long-term care.