“... was a project of 2½ years duration funded by the UK's DTi Technology Programme ”

The DTi Technology Programme has evolved to become the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) - an executive Non-Departmental Public Body established in July 2007.


About Us

A consortium of partners, brought together for their specific expertise in each of the domain areas of the project, is undertaking the work. The partners are:

  • IBM (lead partner) is the world's largest information technology company with a mission to lead in the creation, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced information technologies. IBM Hursley's Pervasive Computing team consists of people with skills and experience in pervasive technologies, software and devices and experience of applying their knowledge and experience to customer situations in terms of architecting,  designing, validating, installing and educating on, pervasive products.
  • Cardiff University is one of Britain’s major teaching and research universities with an international reputation for the quality of its work. Guided by the University's mission to pursue research, learning and teaching of international distinction, the Welsh e-Science Centre, within the School of Computer Science and the Diabetes Research Unit, within the School of Medicine, have come together in the present project to research models of disease early detection and prevention that could be applied to the management of type 2 diabetes as the exemplar chronic condition.
  • Smart Holograms uses revolutionary intelligent optical sensor technology as a platform for applications across a broad spectrum of industry sectors. In healthcare for diabetes, Smart's biochemical responsive holographic images (sensor holograms) are packaged with novel monitoring platforms worn continuously to monitor blood glucose levels. This removes the need for "finger-prick" blood sampling associated with traditional means of measurement.
  • Zarlink Semiconductor designs and delivers semiconductor products for a wide variety of communications applications. Zarlink's combined ultra-low power and RF (radio frequency) design know-how is enabling a wide range of advanced healthcare products, including the world's first swallowable camera capsule and wirelessly enabled implanted medical devices supporting new monitoring, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Started in May 2005, the project completed in October 2007.

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